Want to find out more about Melkbos community services?

As it is a small and tight-knit community, there are plenty of organisations that offer Melkbos community services. Most of these organisations are run by local residents who volunteer their services to make a success of the service. Their aim is to be of service to the local community, to better their lives in some way.

One of the biggest community services available in this area is the local NSRI, known as Station 18. This organisation consists of volunteers who are willing to risk their lives to rescue those in peril at sea. These volunteers are trained to go into the ocean in even the roughest conditions to save humans in danger, and they often extend their services to save ocean wildlife.

Melkbos community services are dependent on residents' support to survive, so if you wish to become involved, whether through donations or participation, please find out more by clicking on any of the advertisements listed below.

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