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Magnador is one of South Africa’s leading authorities on security doors and burglar bars. We offer customers strength, protection, friendly service and great value for money. Specialising in retractable security gates and burglar proofing, Magnador has more than 20 years of experience in the security industry. We started as a franchise in Cape Town in 1992, and have been manufacturing our own products since 1995. Today, we are fully independent and we can assure you that all of our products are made to high-standard.

Our range of products include expandable security doors, burglar bars, trellis swing gates, cottage bars, sliding security doors, home security gates and slam lock security gates. We supply commercially, domestically and industrially, and all of our products are corrosion, weather and impact resistant.

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    Our services and products

    Our security gates and doors are all installed with our unique patented, stainless steel locks that automatically locks through a slam-action. This allows you the close the gate/door in a single action, for your personal safety guarantee.

    • Doors & Gates: our Trellis doors & gates can be fitted into any door-opening in your home. Our products are available in different styles, to suit the exterior of your home.
    • Burglar Bars: our Burglar Bar Proofing is available in various style-options, to fit into the style of your home whilst also providing absolute protection.
    • Clear Burglar Bars & Gates: our Clear Bars consists of see-through burglar bars which are installed over all window-openings in your home. These bars are extra-strong and will serve the same purpose of safe-keeping your valuable belongings, without hampering your view.
    • Driveway Gates & Panels: to keep intruders from entering your property, we have various steel security gates available.

    Don’t compromise on the security of your family – contact Magnador for a quotation today.

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