Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels Pet Rescue

Fallen Angels Pet Rescue is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals. The animals in their care who have been forgotten, abandoned or neglected are considered fallen angels and hence form part of this organisation’s focus! By employing animal therapy, their volunteers strive to heal the broken hearts and souls of any fallen angels that they are financially able to.

The history of Fallen Angels Pet Rescue

This incredible organisation was founded in 2014 by three devoted individuals involved in the animal rescue and rehabilitation space. Today, they can be found in Melkbosstrand, working hard to ensure that all the animals in their care receive the love they deserve! This organisation has several volunteers to help them meet their needs.

Their values embrace that all animals deserve love and have the right to food and medical attention. As a result, their mission is to save and improve the lives of all animals they can assist whilst maintaining their rehabilitation and assisting in rehoming.

Why supporting animal shelters is important:

Animal shelters provide a safe and protective environment for animals that have been abandoned, abused or lost. As a result, they are incredibly important in giving these animals a second chance at finding a loving home.

Shelters also play an important role in preventing animal cruelty and abandonment. By educating the public on their responsibility to care for animals, Fallen Angels Pet Rescue helps reduce the number of animals that are needlessly put into shelters.

How to support this rescue shelter

The public has many options to get involved and help this shelter achieve its goals. They have established various avenues for those seeking to make monetary donations and maintain that every little bit counts!

Individuals who wish to volunteer their time to take care of the needs of animals in their care are encouraged to reach out to see how they can help. Alternatively, you can get involved in the following ways:

  • Fundraising: Organising initiatives to raise money on behalf of Fallen Angels is a fantastic way to get involved and help them take care of the animals. This is often the most effective means as people are more eager to support fundraising events.
  • Charity shop: All donations count, even those for physical items! If you are clearing out and have unwanted items, please consider donating them to the Fallen Angels charity shop. Alternatively, supporters can browse the store for items they would like to purchase.


Our Address:

Portion 25/19 of the farm Kleine Zoute Rivier 1063, Melkbosstrand, 7441


-33.719213151624, 18.454408500722