Welcome to St John’s Christian Brothers’ College

St John’s Christian Brothers’ College is a private Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition. We are proud of our rich tradition and combine this with a contemporary academic vision of excellence within a holistic educational environment to sustain a welcoming space for students aged 2 to Matric.

As members of an international Edmund Rice Network, our students are given the unique opportunity to form connections with students around the world. We also provide ample opportunity for student development in sports and culture. Furthermore, as one of the top primary schools in Parklands, we continuously strive to empower students to become bold, committed and compassionate members of society and reflect the selfless Ethos of Blessed Edmund Rice.

Our Values


Our school is proud to follow Catholic traditions. We hold regular masses and ensure time for devotions every morning. Furthermore, prayers are incorporated in class and help strengthen every student’s spiritual growth and sacramental development.


We pride ourselves on creating a family-like environment on each of our three campuses. Our passionate teachers and staff make sure all students feel welcome and comfortable as if they are at home. We do this by ensuring that everyone feels a sense of warmth and care.


Our school is founded on excellence, and we strive to thread it throughout everything we do – from our academic, cultural and sports offerings to the qualified staff! We encourage our students to set their goals high and aim for excellence in all they do inside and outside of school.


Our Christian Brothers College strives to create a community of individuals who are meaningful contributors to society. Additionally, our school ensures that everyone’s unique needs are considered to give each student a fair opportunity for success.


More about our campus

The Little Saints

Our early childhood development centre, known as home our Little Saints, offers children in Graded 000 to Grade 0 a cohesive, holistic education. In this phase, our passionate educators ensure that children are equipped for the transition between each grade to ensure an effortless shift. This is done by implementing a carefully designed curriculum to prepare your child for their next step whilst laying the foundation for a well-rounded individual.

The Saints in Training

As one of the leading primary schools in Parklands, our Saints In Training are welcomed to a family-orientated space that prioritises personal and academic growth in Grades R to 6. Our high-quality education provides a unique approach to learning to ensure the future success of every student! In addition, we pride ourselves on creating a safe and comfortable environment in our school. Hence, our educators and staff aim to make every student feel as though we are their home away from home.

The Saints Among Us

Our high school campus offers high-quality education and cares for students from Grades 7 to 12, otherwise known to us as the Saints Among Us. We offer a value-based academic education supported by diverse extra-curricular programmes that promote each student’s personal growth. This helps us ensure that each matriculant that graduates from our school does so as a well-rounded individual, ready to embrace their full potential

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