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Speck Pumps is one of the forerunners when pool pumps in South Africa, and even the rest of the world, are concerned. We provide a range of pool pumps, pool filters and a some other swimming pool accessories. Speck Pumpen, Speck Pump’s German headquarters, have been leaders in the industry for over 106 years.

Speck Pumps came  to South Africa in 1969. These pool products were so popular that South Africa established its own production in 1971. This means that we have been operating locally for about 46 years. Over all these years we have witnessed various new products being launched successfully. We have years of experience and innovative designs on our side, which has allowed us to provide high quality pumps for the swimming pool industry on an international level. Our aim is to meet all of our clients’ individual needs, to help them be able to enjoy their swimming pools 24/7.

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    Our product-range

    Speck Pumps is fully aware of everything you will need to keep your pool fully functioning and looking good. We stock a wide range of products, to cater to your very need. Some of our products include:

    • Pool pumps & filters
    • Pool Accessories
    • LED & Floating lights
    • Pool Chlorinators
    • Skimmers & Weirs
    • Various Pool Fittings & combination units
    • Pool Cleaners

    The BADU®-range, is a series of pumps which is part of the Speck Pumps brand, it has been on the market since 1978 and is still highly acclaimed today.

    For anything your pool might need, be sure to visit our website.

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