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Welcome to PRO Pest Control, a distinguished division of the highly regarded PRO Cleaning Group and a trusted provider of extensive pest control services in and around Melkbos. Stationed in the vibrant core of Cape Town, we are devoted to defending your residential and commercial spaces from the undesirable intrusion of pests.

Our team of experts boasts unparalleled expertise and dedication. Whether a small household job or a large commercial infestation, we take immense pride in providing consistent professionalism and meticulous attention to every pest control service we offer.

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    We Will Target Unwanted Pests!

    Pests represent more than a mere annoyance. They are carriers of health threats and can be instigators of property destruction! Creatures like rodents and insects frequently bear diseases that transform them into unintentional vectors of disease spread. We specialise in understanding these challenges and knowing how to tackle them efficiently.

    At PRO Pest Control, we go beyond addressing the issue – we focus on the underlying cause! Our commitment lies in providing sound solutions that eliminate existing pests and deter future invasions. We strive to maintain a pest-free environment for you in the long term, fostering a sense of security and conducive space for growth.


    Staying Compliant

    We comply with health, safety, and hygiene regulations, as well as quality management and environmental controls that regulate pest control. Our team maintains the regulated integrated pest management and HACCP standards to ensure that our services are carried out with the utmost precision. These principles constitute the foundation of our commitment to safeguarding you and your space.

    Furthermore, we only leverage proven and rigorously evaluated products and methods in pest management. We believe there is no room for compromise in our resources. We aim to establish a secure, pristine, and pest-free habitat for you, utilising top-tier tools and strategies.

    Choose PRO Pest Control To Stay Pest-Free!

    Choosing PRO Pest Control means choosing an ally who values your welfare! We recognise the unsettling impact of a pest infestation and are committed to assisting you throughout the process. Rely on our team to handle your pest issues. At the same time, you can concentrate on what’s truly important – enjoying an environment that is clean and secure!

    Our outstanding customer service sets us apart! From your initial interaction with our team, we aim to deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience. Our approachable and well-informed team stands prepared to respond to your queries, alleviate your worries, and provide personalised professional guidance that aligns with your requirements.

    Don’t allow pests to invade your premises. Get in touch with PRO Pest Control today and let us assist you in restoring tranquillity with our pest control services.

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