Introducing Kip McGrath Durbanville

Kip McGrath Durbanville is a local education centre that is part of an international brand. What we focus on is assisting children with learning difficulties by developing a learning programme specifically suited for their requirements. Our learning programmes are suited for learners from grade R -12, and we focus mostly on subjects like Afrikaans, English, and Maths. We also offer other helpful courses, such as a Studying and Reading course, as well as a School Readiness course for parents that want to ensure that their kids are ready for school.

To start off, we offer a free assessment for each learner to determine where their struggles lie. Hereafter, our tutors can commence by assisting your child with everything they are struggling with. Most of our lessons are face-to-face, but we also encourage computer based learning.

Letting your child come to our learning centre will not only boost their academic confidence again, but it will also lead a sure improvement on their academic results – setting them up for a successful future.

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What to expect

The first step in helping your child with their schoolwork is to bring him/her in for a free assessment at Kip McGrath Durbanville. This will allow us to determine exactly what he/she is struggling with, so that we can focus on these issues during throughout the completion of his/her structured learning programme. Our tutoring is suited for learners grade R – 12, and we are open after school to make sure all can attend.

Subjects and courses we specialise in:

  • English Extra Lessons
  • Afrikaans Extra Lessons
  • Maths Extra Lessons
  • Study Skills Course
  • Reading Skills Course
  • School Readiness Course

Getting your child the help he/she needs to excel in school will boost their confidence and will also do wonders for their marks. Call today to book a free assessment, and start the journey with us!

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