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If you suffer from fungal infected and/or loose nails, Fix-4-Nails offers a complete and effective solution to your problem! Our product, Fix-4-Nails, was formulated in the 1970’s in Namibia by a pharmacist named Willie Fourie. Since then, the popularity of our product has only grown, and it has effectively aided countless people in looking after the health of their nails.

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Our product

Fix-4-Nails works differently from a typical antifungal treatment as it does not attack the fungus itself. What our product does is address the habitat of the fungus underneath the nail. Since a nail fungus needs a specific environment and favourable conditions to thrive, the best and most effective way to combat such infections is to change the habitat of the fungus into one that is impossible for it to inhabit.

With the help of our product, users can soften the accumulated keratin underneath loose or fungal infected nails, effectively aiding the nail in repairing itself. Fix-4-Nails is available at participating pharmacies and nail care salons throughout South Africa and Namibia, as well as online from iheath.

For more information on how our product works and what it is useful for, visit our website, or give us a call.


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