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At Ecentric, we utilise our years of industry experience to provide our clients with the best payment processing systems. Through innovation and dedication, our team works tirelessly to create and maintain the best software for the ultimate merchant and consumer experience.

With automation, we provide a solution that is free from human error for improved data accuracy. This can be used to your business’s advantage to generate accurate financial data for reconciliation to better decision making. With full PCI DSS compliance, we give our clients the peace of mind that our systems meet all relevant industry regulations to ensure that all payment processing can be done securely.

What’s unique about Ecentric?

As the first certified decryption provider in South Africa and the first PSP to acquire PCI DSS certification, we are fully confident in providing your business with the tech, expertise and infrastructure it needs to process payments quickly and accurately. We offer our clients:

  • Switching capabilities across Africa
  • Active/active/dual acquirer capability
  • 3-way reconciliation
  • Near 100% uptime
  • 4 Data centres

Our services include:
  • Payment switching to facilitate accurate communication between customer channels for accurate in-store and online payment processing.
  • ReconAssist software that is an innovative automated solution for reconciliation that assists in resolving settlement differences quicker and more accurately.
  • Money transfers with counter-to-counter software for businesses to improve in-store customer experience through value-added services.
  • Online payment gateways that can be configured to suit all sized businesses to accept online payments through various methods.
  • OmniHub software to provide access to various value-added services through a single integration.

Our team of experts ensures that your business is equipped with the necessary processing tools to accurately manage your business’s payments. We provide fast and reliable payment processing across various channels with PCI DSS compliance for security on all systems.

If you are interested in payment processing systems for your business, reach out to the specialists at Ecentric Payment Systems.

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