Schools play an important role in any area, and Melkbos is no exception. In order to provide a well-rounded education for its residents, Melkbos is home to a number of private and public pre-primary schools, primary schools and high schools. All Melkbos schools offer superior educational services that help young minds develop optimally, and because of the number of schools in Melkbos, residents have varied options when it comes to choosing a school for their children. The pre-primary schools in the area are all run by qualified individuals that are experts in providing for the educational needs of younger children. These schools offer a variety of educational activities for children to partake in, all developed to help stimulate young, developing minds. Pre-primary schools in Melkbos also have safe playgrounds full of fun equipment such as jungle gyms and swings for the little ones to play on. For young children of school going age, there are also a number of primary schools in the Melkbos area. These schools all follow a set curriculum that helps them provide excellent quality schooling for its pupils. Melkbos primary schools also have a wide range of extracurricular activities pupils can partake in, including sports and cultural activities. Melkbos high schools also offer superior quality educational services for its pupils. These schools employ only the best qualified educators that are able to provide the best schooling for high school students. As with the primary schools in the area, Melkbos high schools also offer a range of extracurricular activities for pupils. These activities include everything from sports, right through to cultural activities such as art and music.

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